Welcome to the Silk Scarf Café where you can browse through an array of hand painted silk scarves with original designs.  The designs are created using an eco-friendly water-based gutta resist, painted with French dyes, then steam set.  Each one takes several hours from start to finish.  Because of this, I can only display in one or two shows a year since I work full time and it takes me a while to build up inventory.

The silk is a blank canvas, so there are endless possibilities for the subject matter—anything from flowers and sea life to coffee cups and shoes.  Take the time to check out my blog or learn more about the silk painting process. So pour yourself a cup of java or tea, sit back and check out what’s on the menu.


Please note that this website does not currently have images of the earrings.  Please contact me at info@silkscarfcafe.com if you are interested.

A few new scarves have been added to the site based on Celtic spiral designs.  Check them out.

I hope everyone is still keeping their New Year’s resolutions.  I have so far.  Yoga has become a part of my life once again (thank you Sue!) and I’m taking more classes to expand my artistic endeavors.  I hope to have images of my jewelry online soon and perhaps an Etsy site later this year.


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